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Los Pipos, the six-piece Latin Jazz ensemble that combines the vibrant sounds of Latin America with the sophisticated elements of jazz, a hint of classical music, and the influence of European music like Spanish Flamenco. Founded in 2016, these friends from different parts of the world, including Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Germany, Chile, and Holland, come together to share their passion for traditional Latin American songs, infused with a unique and refreshing contemporary twist.

Their music is characterized by improvisation, storytelling, and emotional expression, all hallmarks of the Latin American music, but also by the importance of jazz harmony, improvisation and the mixture of classical music and European music, such as Spanish Flamenco. With each member bringing their own cultural influences and experiences, Los Pipos seamlessly blends together a diverse array of sounds and styles from various Latin American countries, while incorporating the sophisticated elements of jazz, and classical and European music influences.

Los Pipos is not just about the music, it’s also about the joy of life. The band’s energy is infectious, and they love to sing, laugh and of course, dance. They have performed at major festivals, such as the North Sea Jazz Festival and the Jazz Schmiede, and in 2021, they won the Dias Latinos Award in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

The Jury praised the exceptional choice of repertoire of tastefully arranged traditional pieces, alternated with surprising original compositions, all performed in a refined and different way. The ensemble consists of young technically gifted musicians who, each with their own strong identity, together form a cast-iron collective. Los Pipos seeks contact with the audience during their presentation and thereby radiates energy and playing pleasure.
Yma America, Maite Hontelé, Frank Bolder, Francois Charpentier, Lucas van Merwijk
Jury Dias Latinos Award 2021


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