Introducing Los Pipos, a concertant ensemble that masterfully crafts a unique genre known as Latin Fusion. This dynamic sextet, with roots in Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Germany, Chile, and Holland, embodies the power of diversity and unity since its establishment in 2017.
Their music is a vibrant tapestry of Latin American melodies, reimagined with a contemporary twist. The improvisational freedom and complex harmonies of jazz are seamlessly woven into the pulsating rhythms of Latin music, creating a sound that is both familiar and novel.
But Los Pipos is more than a band; it’s an energy. Their performances are a dynamic spectacle of sound and movement, a vibrant celebration of life and music. The band’s infectious  joy of playing together permeates every show, captivating audiences with their unique blend of music and exuberant performances.
Los Pipos offers a musical experience that transcends borders and genres, creating a sound that is as diverse and dynamic as the cultures they represent. They have performed at major festivals, such as the North Sea Jazz Festival  and the asphalt festival, and in 2021, they   won the Dias Latinos Award    in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

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The Jury praised the exceptional choice of repertoire of tastefully arranged traditional pieces, alternated with surprising original compositions, all performed in a refined and different way. The ensemble consists of young technically gifted musicians who, each with their own strong identity, together form a cast-iron collective. Los Pipos seeks contact with the audience during their presentation and thereby radiates energy and playing pleasure.
Yma America, Maite Hontelé, Frank Bolder, Francois Charpentier, Lucas van Merwijk
Jury Dias Latinos Award 2021