Los Pipos Album Hilos

Hilos (Album) - 2020

In “Hilos,” our debut album, we meld classical latin songs with contemporary jazz styles, redefining the genre. Our album offers new interpretations of beloved tracks like “Historia de un Amor” and “Como fue,” blending intricate jazz harmonies with traditional rhythms from latin america. Our collective roots in Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Germany, Chile, and Holland imbue our music with a unique sound. “Hilos” represents our dedication to innovating within the latin music landscape, creating an album that resonates with both jazz lovers and fans of classic latin tunes. 

dime cuando los pipos

Dime Cuándo (Single) - 2021

“Dime Cuando,” our latest single, is a special composition created for the environmental organization “Health for Future” in Germany. This song is a heartfelt call to action for environmental awareness and the protection of our planet. While it features a more danceable style and tempo, the lyrics convey a deep and important message about caring for our Earth. “Dime Cuando” will also be featured on our upcoming album “Nuestra Tierra.” This single holds a special place in our hearts, combining our passion for music with our commitment to environmental advocacy.